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New Works - Six New Fine Art Greeting Cards

Six new hand made fine art greeting cards have been added to the gallery.  To see more about these new cards, click this link Fine Art Greeting Cards.

New Works - the Fine Art Greeting Card, "Legado"

Percussive assaults of a cold, windblown rain are providing a sort of power-washing on my studio windows overlooking the heaving, steely blue bay.

I am thankful to be insulated from the elements today, wrapped in a wonderful Norlha shawl (a gifted "hug" from a dear friend), sipping my third infusion of Nup Gong La Sheng Puerh and contemplating the lovely sights and sounds that I draw inspiration from.

Up on the bluff, our wild stallions are likely positioned in one of the many forest windbreak sectors, nibbling the fringe of spring green that has begun to soften the otherwise bleak, post-winter landscape.  Were I not here working on creative offerings for the gallery, a day like this might find me feeling the urge to don wool under-layers and rainproof outer-layers and hike across the preserve to hang out among those hardy Sorraia equines.  Both my husband Kevin and I feel that when dressed to suit the conditions of the day, most every type of weather has its charms.
A few …

New Works - “From Worlds Beyond” Paleolithic Style Rock Painting

At home, on the Ravenseyrie Sorraia Mustang Preserve, the astounding snowbound landscape is now mostly free and growing a glorious stubble of green - sweet relief for winter weary souls and delectable fresh nutrients for the equines.

And today, once down on the bay to open up for business, the ice that was beginning to break up yesterday has been swept out to the North Channel, leaving only a few bobbing, blue-saturated fragments left.  A shift in wind could send all that ice back to arms of this shore, but vastly reduced and no longer fully holding the lake hostage.  Soon the marina will begin putting boats in the water.  For certain, a feeling of emancipation abounds after such a harsh winter!

With daily duties not nearly so physically and mentally wearying and the scent of emerging newness in the spring breeze, it seems a fitting time to begin introducing some of the work I managed to create in between winter survivalist drudgery.  Let this Paleolithic-style rock painting be the f…

Ravenseyrie Fine Art Greeting Cards

The majority of the painting and writing I do is influenced and inspired by elements I find very close to home.  Living on the Ravenseyrie Sorraia Mustang Preserve assures that a number of the works seen in the gallery are of noble equines.
As I work on building up the webpage for my Fine Art Greeting Cards, I have been taking photos and typing up descriptors of the many card designs I offer in my gallery.  These cards come under different categories, for example, "Birthday", "New Baby", "Just Because", etc. and are each printed, assembled and hand detailed right here in my studio on the bay.  
I also offer Christmas and Holiday Cards, but mostly these are in a different type of card style requiring less handwork and are grouped within the webpage I've titled, Fine Art Notecards.
I do however have two Holiday/Christmas cards that I have made that are of the same style as my Fine Art Greeting Cards (not yet listed on the webpage, but soon!)  One of th…

Ravenseyrie Rock Art Influenced by Paleolithic Paintings

This post first appeared in my Journal of Ravenseyrie blog on 20June17 under the title, Ancient Influences.
Paleolithic art is a silent touch from distant ancestors, their marks a reminder of our own vitality and mortality, a prompter to savour our present in this ancient arena of life...A seer throws the old ivory carvings, kneels, and reads them thoughtfully: "They say, 'Wake up, you are on; we have had our time and this is yours.'"  She smiles and -- I thought she was mocking, but perhaps not -- goes on to say that the truly good message from Paleolithic art is "that one would be wise to play: play physically, play mentally, and, above all, play artfully." (from THE NATURE OF PALAEOLITHIC ART by R. Dale Guthrie)

This is a special time!  Summer wanes and autumn begins to assert itself with all the marvellous variety of fragrances and colours that one season yielding to another generates.  Foot traffic in the gallery is reduced and the constant necessity of…